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As the title implies 'Sculpture Sonores' is the name given to a large collection of original instruments by the French inventors Francois and Bernard Baschet, who from 1952 pioneered for nearly 50 years a completely new way of combining sculpture and sound. Some small, some over 20 feet high and incorporating glass rods, metal cones, wires', plastic inflatable resonators, and many other devices, these fascinating structures are not only cosmetically entracing, but produce an incredible range of sounds and varied sonic textures.
Some, such as the recent 'Cristal' have evolved into extremely sophisticated fully chromatic musical instruments that are just as practical to use as their traditional counterparts, and are regularly used for  performances of anything from Bach to Jazz, and a massive range of contemporary music.


Baschet Sound Sculptures : Body, Mind and Sound Effects
                                           by Cristina Vidal-Quadras de Lewin Richter